About Me

About Me

Hello. I’m M.D. Özgür Ağlamış. As a Cosmetic Gynecologist, I apply the most advanced technologies and treatment methods in the treatment of vaginismus and genital aesthetics, helping you to renew, feel good and beautify yourself.

I completed my medical education at Ankara Gazi University Faculty of Medicine. I was entitled to become a Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist by successfully completing my residency training at Ankara Zekai Tahir Burak Women’s Health Training and Research Hospital, which has the largest and highest number of obstetrics and gynecology patients in Turkey between 2013-2018.

Since 2018, I have participated in dozens of national and international meetings, trainings, courses and live surgery in the field of Vaginismus treatment and Genital Aesthetics, which is my field of special interest, improving myself on Cosmetic Gynecology and Vaginismus Treatment, and I have succeed hundreds of case series patient treatments.

With my own Vaginismus treatment protocol and technique, I was able to reduce the Vaginismus treatment time to 1-2 days.

I successfully apply all modern surgical and non-surgical treatment protocols in the field of Genital Aesthetics, I have hundreds of surgical series for diseases with technical knowledge and technological infrastructure.

I can speak advanced English, I am married and have a child.

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